In the table below you may find actual stock and pre-owned products. Some of them, might be found at our Dealers or directly at their Owners


Update 3.12.2017: SOLD!

CC350mm F/15

2017 production CFF350mm F/15 in mint condition for reason of downsizing. Clearceram mirrors, dew heaters installed on primary and secondary mirrors, cooling fans. Top and bottom plates are Losmandy compatible to mount the scope and top mount accessories or secondary scope. Backfocus from mirror is 350 mm, which allows installation of all possible accessories to the Moonlite motorized focuser. Perfect both optical and mechanical!

No shipping, collection from within 150 km from Brussels, Belgium.
Interesting price. For info contact [email protected]

RESERVED! RC250mm F/7 New design, based on F/2.7 primary, that will be mounted in the chassis and ready for testing at the end of 2017. Once the OTA is tested, it will be offered for sale. Mirror substrate is Fused Silica. Anyone interested, please contact us at CFF Telescopes.
SOLD! Refractor 180mm F/7 Triplet APO OTA in excellent condition received back from one of our customers that upgraded to 200 mm F/8. Priced conveniently at 12900 €.
SOLD! RC400mm F/8 First big Ritchey-Chretien made by us, which is based on a pair of Quartz mirrors. In combination with our bigger Field Corrector offers a corrected field diameter bigger than 60 mm!
SOLD! CC290mm Our first take at full tube Cassegrains, based on a finely annealed Supremax blank of 40 mm thickness. Excellent quality! (Please check the pictures in our Gallery)

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