Latest updates

20-20 is an exceptional year, in both good and less-than-good ways, for many of us here at CFF Telescopes. It was very good to see the surge in orders received throughout the peak of pandemic, however, it was not so good to stay away for so long from friends & family this year. All that happened in the past months, the orders we received for this year and 2021, made us consider rearranging this business, to cope better with the demand for our products... Read the whole story...

We have delivered already our 3-rd 165mm f7.9 refractor and soon we will deliver the 1-st 200mm f6.5 refractor. The latter option shall offer an instrument with a non-negligible aperture, that is still portable, to those who'd want to approach imaging or enjoy visual observations without compromises. Read the whole story...

In early 2020, we shall start some new projects, in the form of a 450mm Cassegrain OTA, 250mm F/3 & 300mm F/4 Newtons, 600mm F3.3 Dobsonian reflector. All of them will come in the usual premium/high-quality mechanical fit and finish that our Customers are used to. Read the whole story...

Due to high volume of orders and practically to few models to display, we have yet to plan presence to fairs and star-parties for 2020. When something will change, we will let you know here. Read the whole story...

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update 1
New refractor coming out in 2020
update 1
M27 - 200mm F/5 Newton, mechanics by CFF Telescopes
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Fairs & star-parties 2020

Production schedule note

Because 2nd wave of pandemic brought delays, all telescope orders received from October 1st, 2020 will have scheduled delivery starting with December 2021. We will strive to shorten delivery time as much as possible. Refractor telescopes' lead times are generally between 8 to 12 months from order, as of October 2020. We will update this notification as situation develops.