Terms and conditions of sales

-‘standard products’- items are entered into production schedule on receipt of a 50% deposit, with balance payment to be requested and cleared through our bank a minimum one week prior to shipping date.
-‘special orders’ – items are entered into production schedule only when full payment has been cleared through our bank.
Orders for extra accessories for the above items – to be itemised separately on the order/invoice and paid in full at order stage.
PAYMENTS: should be in Euros or $USD, via bank transfer for all Buyers. Payments in PLN for local Buyers (Poland) are accepted.

– Orders shipping to individuals in European Union countries, will be charged the legally required 23% VAT.
– Orders shipping to businesses in European Union countries, will be charged the legally required 0% VAT if an EU registered valid VAT number is provided. Otherwise, above instance applies.
– Orders shipping to individuals or businesses outside European Union countries, will not be charged any taxes (net pricing applies). Buyer is responsible for import clearance and any applicable local taxes or import duties.

Refund of deposit for ‘standard version’ items:
– to be paid in full if refund is done within 30 days of initial payment clearing our bank account.
– less 10% fee if refund is done
(a) more than 30 days after initial payment clears bank account and
(b)goods have not entered manufacturing phase (either mechanics or optics).
– less 20% fee if refund is done in any of the following months after payment clears through bank account and goods have entered manufacturing phase or are ready for shipping.
Refund of deposit for ‘special order’ items or extra accessories:
– at the discretion of CFF Telescopes, if and when a new buyer for the ordered items can be found.

all our lead times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Actual time may vary depending on number of orders we have. CFF Telescopes reserves the right to schedule production in the most efficient manner for either lens or mirror manufacturing. As all our optics are hand finished to ensure quality, delivery time is not the essence of any sale or contract but CFF Telescopes will, however, ensure that all delivery dates are met in the best way possible, without compromising quality.

– items are to be shipped in their flight cases (when provided as standard or ordered as extra accessory). These are further packed in cardboard boxes with protective foam and packing peanuts to prevent shock damage. Items purchased without a flight case are to be packed securely in cardboard boxes with protective foam and packing peanuts to prevent shock damage.
For an additional fee, we can crate any items at Buyer’s request.
All items are to be shipped fully insured, without exception.
– INCOTERMS transport – Delivered at Place (DAP)

CFF Telescopes is responsible for any damage/delay that may occur during manufacturing process and will take all necessary steps to correct the situation.
CFF Telescopes will inform the Buyer if any delays are caused by third party defects that fall out of our area of responsibility (example glass manufacturers, suppliers of aluminium).
CFF Telescopes will ensure in the best way possible that all items ordered meet or exceed the quality standards requirements, in both mechanical and optical components.
CFF Telescopes’ responsibility over the integrity of the OTA ends when handed over for shipping. During transit time liability falls in the hands of the carrier company, via insurance.

The Buyer and/or his agent should check the condition of packaging when goods are received and immediately inform the shipping agent and CFF Telescopes, not later than 24 working hours from delivery, of any obvious damage.


– Our OTAs are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing/workmanship defects for 2 (two) years after the date of purchase, to the original Owner.
– Buyer and/or his agent must satisfy themselves as to the mechanical and optical quality of the items supplied and report defects or non-conformity within 14 days of delivery. Optics should be tested visually by star or artificial star test. The user must be capable of collimating optics to ensure optimum performance.
Warranty claims must be made within the warranty period, which starts at the time of delivery to the buyer or agent, and be supported by adequate evidence of problems originating in the manufacturing process. In no circumstances will warranty claims be accepted if refractor lens cells are split or disassembled for any reason, without our consent. Care should be taken in the use, cleaning and storage of optical equipment to ensure that it is maintained in good condition – if this is not the case, Warranty claims may be rejected.
Fair wear and tear of any supplied items or exposure to condensation, extreme temperature fluctuations or mechanical stress does not justify a Warranty claim. Any modification to telescopes in terms of machining and drilling of components may affect the Warranty and the Buyer should consult CFF Telescopes prior to any such work being undertaken.
In the case of a warranty claim, items to be returned to CFF Telescopes for investigation must be shipped at the buyer’s cost, pending inspection by our quality inspectors.

In all instances, EU law applies.

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