Refractor 135mm F/6.7 Binotelescope


This is our first product designed for using our eyes in a natural way. Built around two single optical tube assemblies, shortened to accommodate the 3-inch fusion image system, made in Japan (Matsumoto – EMS).
By using the maximum practical aperture for the focusers and EMS system, the bino will allow using 2″ eyepieces without any vignetting of the light cone.
It has the light gathering power of a 190-mm unobstructed objective while the use of our eyes in a natural way increases perceived resolution. Highly recommended for visual astronomy.


Core glass used – S-FPL53;
Clear aperture – 135 mm;
Focal length – 910 mm;
Focal ratio – 6.7;
Light gathering capability equivalence – 190 mm aperture;
Only a limited number of pieces will be available.
Optical Quality


Bino minimum length –  850 mm;
Bino maximum length – 1000 mm;
Back-focus distance with EMS – ~55 mm;
Back-focus distance without EMS – ~250 mm;
Focuser – 3.2″ Starlight Feather Touch (FTF3235);
Weight – 21 kg, as delivered.

Pricing (2018):

13 990 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 11374 Euro (non EU countries);


  • EMS-UXL system (59mm to 75mm interpupillary distance range)
  • CNC made ring type holder with central handle
  • Dovetail, Losmandy Type, 300 mm length, lightweight
  • Handle
  • Dew shield end cap
  • Dust end cap for EMS
  • Finder bracket shoe on one of the focusers

Number of units available for ordering: 1

Availability: 3 months from order

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