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Since 2008, we have dedicated ourselves to studying optical instruments, keeping up to date with the latest developments in the field and perfecting our own techniques. Our small company was thus created with the purpose of delivering high-quality telescopes, designed and made exclusively in Europe, for all lovers of astronomy: scientists and passionate amateurs alike.

The mechanical elements of all our scopes are made in Poland, designed by Cătălin Fus, skillfully assembled and verified by Cătălin Fus.

Oil-spaced refractor optics are made in Hungary, designed, assembled with utmost care then verified by Pal Gyulai (formerly GPU Optical).

Reflector optics are made in Romania, designed and thoroughly verified by Octavian Stănescu, a mirror maker with more than 20 years’ experience and dedication.

All the glasses used in our lenses or mirror substrates are high-quality, from producers such as Schott, Ohara, Corning and CDGM.

The name of the brand stands for ‘Coma Free Field’ Telescopes, which is what we’re delivering in our Apochromatic Refractor, Ritchey-Chrétien or Classic Cassegrain telescopes.

We are proud of every instrument that leaves our hands, and our customers all over the world can testify to the sheer pleasure of using our instruments. We provide a telescope at the top of its class, delivering a fully-corrected instrument that yields an outstanding visual and photographic experience.


Cătălin, Pal & Octavian

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