Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope Package


Primary mirror diameter = 400 mm;
Focal length = 3200 mm; Focal ratio= 8;
Secondary mirror diameter = 150 mm;
Central obstruction = 175 mm; in percent = 44 %;
Corrected photographic field = 60 mm;


1250 x 570 x 570 mm (L x l x h);
Estimated weight: 40 kg;

Technical specifications:

Mirror substrates: Primary= Quartz/Fused Silica; Secondary= Quartz/Fused Silica;
Main tube materials: Carbon Fiber and Aluminium (type 6xxx and 7xxx aerospace alloys);
Construction type: open, Serrurier Truss design;
Red anodized connectors;
Secondary mirror depth adjustment with fine pitch lead screw and high precision linear bearing;
Micrometric adjustment for primary mirror;
Cooling fans for primary mirror;
Lightweight side plates;
Losmandy dovetail plate;
Handle or piggyback type upper plate;
Lycra covers for the truss and secondary mirror;
Field corrector.

Price: 11 900 Euro net (excluding VAT)

It can be delivered together with Paramount MEII as imaging package, ready to use.
Paramount MEII mount including accessories with portable pier (250 kg load capacity) and counterweights as needed = 12 500 Euro net (excluding VAT)


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