Refractor 140mm


Medium-size refractor that targets both visual astronomers, interested in top quality planetary views, and imagers alike.

Both long focal ratio versions are aimed at planetary observers that want to enjoy best correction possible at the eyepiece. The Super Planetary series correction is tuned specially for planetary-visual peak wavelengths. Paired with our Field Corrector for Medium Format, the 140 mm F/6.5 is suitable for imagers using sensors bigger than full-frame.


Core glass used – FPL53;
Clear aperture – 140 mm;
Focal length – 915 mm; Focal ratio – 6.5;
Focal length – 1050 mm; Focal ratio – 7.5 – Super Planetary Series;
Focal length – 1260 mm; Focal ratio – 9 – Super Planetary Series;
Optical Quality


Minimum length – from 780 mm (fully retracted dew shield)*;
Maximum length – up to 1340 mm (fully extended dew shield)*;
Back-focus – 180 to 220 mm (on request);
Tube diameter – 145 mm;
Dew shield diameter – 164 mm;
Weight – 10 kg, including rings*.


F/7.5, F/9 = 7490 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 6089 Euro (non EU countries)
3” Starlight focuser, 89 mm travel, dual-speed – special order;

F/6.5 = 7690 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 6252 Euro (non EU countries)
3.5” Starlight focuser, 114 mm travel, dual-speed – standard version.

Accessories included in the price: CNC rings, flight case.

  • prices of USA imported focusers are subject to change depending on EUR/USD exchange rate
  • prices of OTAs are subject to change without notice

Optional Accessories:

  • Field Corrector = 650 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 528 Euro (non EU countries); Corrected Field = 55 mm;
  • Dovetail, Losmandy Type, 250 – 300 mm = 120 Euro, including VAT 23%;
  • Handle, matching Dovetail’s length = 75 Euro, including VAT 23%.


* Minimum and Maximum Length values are dependent on focal ratio and back-focus value chosen;
* Weight may vary from version to version, depending on back-focus, focuser type;
* F/7.5 and F/9 models are offered only with 3” Starlight focuser;

Number of units manufactured: 18

Units available for ordering: 2

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