Refractor 132mm F/6.9


A limited edition of a very popular size – the 5 inch!!

Highly portable refractor, based on the same focal length as its 140 mm bigger brother, with a slightly slower focal ratio due to its smaller aperture.


Core glass used – FPL53;
Clear aperture – 132 mm;
Focal length – 915 mm;
Focal ratio – 6.9;
Limited series of 10 pieces;
Optical Quality


Minimum length – 780 mm;
Maximum length – 990 mm;
Back-focus – 180 mm;
Tube diameter – 145 mm;
Dew shield diameter – 164 mm;
Weight – 10 kg, including rings (*3.5” FTF version).


5289 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 4300 Euro (non EU countries)
3.5” Starlight focuser, 114 mm travel, dual-speed – standard version.

Accessories included in the price: CNC rings, flight case.

  • prices of USA imported focusers are subject to change depending on EUR/USD exchange rate
  • prices of OTAs are subject to change without notice

Optional Accessories:

  • Field Corrector = 650 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 528 Euro (non EU countries); Corrected Field = 55 mm;
  • Dovetail, Losmandy Type = 100 Euro, including VAT 23%;
  • Handle, matching dovetail’s length = 80 Euro, including VAT 23%.

Number of units manufactured: 10
Units available for ordering: none, item is sold out!

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