Planetary Cassegrain 250mm


Clear aperture – 250 mm;
Focal ratio – 15; Focal length – 3750 mm;
Central Obstruction – 26%;
Focal ratio – 20; Focal length – 5000 mm;
Central Obstruction – 24%;
Primary substrate – Supremax33 (standard); ULE glass (Quartz, Zerodur, Clearceram-HS) (special order);
Secondary substrate – Quartz;
Manual adjustments/collimation for both mirrors;
Primary cooling fans;
Primary mirror cage – Carbon Fiber;
Truss tubes – Carbon Fiber.


(approx.) 930 x 330 x 330 mm (including focuser’s height);
Weight – 13 kg;
Back-focus from end of back plate – ~230 mm;
Focuser: 2” Feathertouch R&P or 2” Moonlite DC;
Focuser travel: 38 or 50 mm, depending on chosen focuser.


5500 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 4471 Euro (non EU countries)  – Supremax33

6990 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 5683 Euro (non EU countries) – ULE glass  – special order

  • prices of OTAs are subject to change without notice

Included accessories:

– shroud pack (secondary casing shroud, secondary cage shroud, truss shroud);
– side plates (pair);
– handle;
– primary mirror cooling fans;
– primary mirror hard cover;
– dew heater for primary mirror;
– 350 mm D-type dovetail.

Optional accessories: 

– soft case or flight case: pricing upon request.

Number of units manufactured/ordered: 11
Number of F/15 units manufactured/ordered: 2
Number of F/18 units manufactured/ordered: 2
Number of F/20 units manufactured/ordered: 7

Units available for ordering: 2
Average lead time: please inquire.



Goncalo Carvalho- CFF CC250 F/20, Lisboa, Portugal

“What I can tell you is that this telescope gives wonderful contrasty views of the planets and globulars, better than my ex 180 mm APO refractor, and with a neutral color image. The focus is not archived by moving mirrors and the thermal stability of the OTA is surprisingly good, I don´t see any change in focus over time or with temperature change!!”


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