Field Corrector – 70 mm

– Suitable for our 92 mm F/6 (dedicated version);
– Suitable for 105 F/6 to 200 mm F/8 (dedicated version);
Corrected Field diameter 44 mm;

Price: 450 Euro, VAT included


Field Corrector for Medium Format – 80 mm
– Suitable for 105 F/6 (dedicated version, Corrected Field diameter 44 mm);
– Suitable for 140 F/6.5 to 200 mm F/8 (dedicated version; Corrected Field diameter 55 mm);

Price: 650 Euro, VAT included


Field corrector for Ritchey-Chrétien – 70 mm
– Suitable for all our RCs;
– Comes included with our RCs;
Corrected Field diameter from 50 mm (increases with telescope size).

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